Shopping list maker for Android

shopping list makershopping list makershopping list makershopping list maker
Shopping list maker app for android description: Instant lists!
Fully customizable.
Reads emails sorts and much more!
Never forget items.
Avoid time wasting and cost surprises.
This program is primarily designed to create custom shopping lists.
This can be achieved quickly and easily.
Simply use (+) or ( )to select quantity press a button and presto a shopping list appears!
It eliminates time wasting and the hassle of writing new lists every week.
Add modify and select items any time.
Never forget an item or be surprised by cost again.
This product is bundled with many great features including read out mode voice recognition email capabilities sort functions import export lists charts price and total cost calculations.
Features: customize measurement units (eg kg l) select change rate when pressing ( + ) or ( ).
Read out entire shopping list.
Interactive mode to read out items as selected.
Add items via voice recognition.
Email shopping list in any sorted view.
Create shopping lists quickly and easily.
Fully customizable item database.
Unlimited item entry.
Duplicate item detection.
Item attributes: name category price number to buy units quantity of measurement.
Item quantity changes according to selected attributes.
Sort selected item alphabetically by category or price.
Quick select toolbar.
Storage of category name for ease of selection.
Tick off purchased items in shopping list with one click.
View shopping list alphabetically or sorted by category cost or remaining items.
Calculate individual item and expected total costs.
Calculate purchased total cost on the fly.
Backup restore database.
Import export lists.
Pie charts for shopping list analysis.
Full exit function to save system resources.
Change font sizetrouble shootingcontinual item selection with 39 read on 39 in the selection list page may cause a lag crash.
If this arises deactivate read to 39 read off 39.
Quick select bar if phone tablet is not responsive or sensitive deactivate in settings.
Buy sh
Download Android 2.3+ Shopping list maker.apk from Google play

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