Wheres my internet lite for Android

wheres my internet litewheres my internet litewheres my internet litewheres my internet lite
Wheres my internet lite app for android description: Find your hiding internet!
If starting your internet or network connection doesn 39 t always connect then you may consider downloading this app.
When starting internet connection if your network is weak you may not always get connected.
But using this app can solve this issue.
This is lite version with ads: for widget and to remove ads try full version at: https: play.
Store apps details? Id com.
Wheresmyinterneta smooth light weight network tool that is capable of forcefully making android os refresh the network signal connection.
Which will result in searching the best network signal in that cell by the os.
For gsm: the signal get reset depending upon the nearest tower.
But signal handover depends upon operator and the software of the device.
Refreshing the current network may help in some cases to get a better network signal.
For cdma: not always the best signal is received.
The device can still get locked with signal from a far tower even though there are strong signals from near towers.
Here this app can help a lot as refreshing the signal will make the android os to recognize the nearest tower signal.
Having a better network signal will result in quick connection to data network.
The results found in most cases after searching for internet: instant connection to internet.
Better strong signal.
Good call quality.
Faster internet.
No drop calls.
Stable signal.
4g if found.
Else 3g or 2g.
Low battery power consumption as signal will be more stable.
Similar to network signal booster apps and internet booster apps.
Same result.
Features: 1x1 and 4x1 home screen widget.
Pro search signal.
Notification of last search time.
Auto close after search.
Info of what android os is made to do by this app.
Before buying an antenna or network booster.
You may consider using this app.
Your network issue may get solved.
Disclaimer: please don 39 t expect any 2x internet speed.
This app doesn 39 t offer it.
It is an
Download Android 2.3+ Wheres my internet lite.apk | 1MB

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