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shark fingers 3d aquarium freeshark fingers 3d aquarium freeshark fingers 3d aquarium freeshark fingers 3d aquarium free
Shark fingers 3d aquarium free app for android description: live every week like it 39 s shark week!
Quot tracy jordan the original and the best finger eating sharks app!!
Beware of imitations!!
The iphone phenomenon is now available on android!!
Shark fingers has been in the top 10 on the iphone multiple times and has also been the 1 entertainment app!
Now you can get it for your android phone too!
Watch as your phone fills with water and vicious real 3d sharks begin to swim around your screen!
But beware!
Touch the screen and they 39 ll hunt you down!!
Features: too many aquariums claim to be 3d but they 39 re just flat pictures of fish floating around your screen being boring!
Shark fingers has real 3d sharks!
They swim in all directions and can be viewed from any angle!
They 39 re really 3d!
And they chase your fingers!
Interact with your sharks!
Touch the screen and watch the sharks hunt for your finger.
But be careful not to lose your fingers...
Once you 39 re bitten and there is blood in the water the sharks may go into a frenzy!
Loads of sharks!
You 39 ll have a whole bunch of sharks to deal with including great whites and upgrade to get hammerheads!
Not just 1 boring old shark!
Not for the feint hearted!
Not only does your finger bleed when bitten but if you bleed it enough it tints the water red!
Live camera background!
Set the background of your shark tank to the input from your camera and feed your friends to the sharks!
Use any image you like as the background to your aquarium!
Simply select any image from your photo library and it 39 ll look like your phone is full of water and full of 3d sharks!
See what your uncle harry looks like with sharks chewing on his ears or what your car would look like underwater or your cat your messages any image you want!!
Want more ideas? Visit: !
Tilt your device watch the water move!
Just like that time you tried to pick up your real aquarium and all the fish fell out but...
Download Android 2.3+ Shark fingers 3d aquarium free.apk | 3MB

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Stunning live wallpapers with a white shark. The application is energy saving has sleeping mode handy settings and fits most of devices. - Download free shark fingers 3d aquarium free.apk for Android 2.3+ mobile. ApkHere is really the best place to quickly find thousands useful apk apps and new android video games for Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, LG, Sony, Meizu, Asus android phone or tablet devices. All Apk Here apps sort of the most popular categories like education, photo editor, social, fitness, tools apps and brain, card, action, puzzle, online, arcade, racing games in .apk files format. Simple, Fast and safe Apk apps store for your android at
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