Fallensouls for Android

Fallensouls game for android description: A powerful kingdom ruled by 3 mighty races is battling against an overwhelming darkness.
Heroes you are needed!
Join the war and show us your true powers and bring peace back to this world!
Fallensouls is an exciting and immersive mmorpg loaded with intense gameplay!
Travel the realm as a noble human a bloodthirsty orc or one of the mighty undead.
Will you protect your allies as a resolute warrior? Or will you decimate leagues of enemies as a ranger? Will you control the very battle itself with the arcane powers of a mage? Climb to the heights of the pvp arena and to be the number one by defeating the strongest heroes your server has to offer!
Band together with friends and take on epic dungeons defeat powerful bosses and reap rewards and treasures beyond e and join the leagues of players giving their all to slay the monster who brought our world to the brink of destruction the world boss leviathan!
Lend your great power to a friendly guild and grow stronger with your new allies.
Relax in the tavern go toe to toe with exclusive guild bosses and recruit guild mates to help defeat powerful enemies!
Equip yourself with armor and weapons of legend.
Modify upgrade refine and even bless your equipment to suit your particular style of play!
Recruit powerful mercenary monsters to assist you in fighting back the rising ride of evil.
Restore and upgrade your very own castle and build an army to defend it!
Obliterate your foes and strategize with your allies with fast paced turn based combat.
It is a world of might darkness revenge and great treasure.
How will you play? Fallensouls fanpage: https: tbfallensoulsfallensouls also has german version.
You could download it at: https: play.
Store apps details? Id com.
Fallensoulsgmif you have any problems about the game or problems with diamonds recharges please contact customer service.
Our email address is : bf.
Cs teebik
Download Android 2.3+ Fallensouls.apk from Google play

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