D-day counter & memo widget for Android

d-day counter & memo widgetd-day counter & memo widgetd-day counter & memo widgetd-day counter & memo widget
D-day counter & memo widget app for android description: What is max d day counter memo widget? It is widget applications that to display simple memo remaining or past date on the home screen.
Main function.
In common1) easy to check on your home screen.
2) a realistic preview.
3) various background and text color settings.
4) selectable background shape.
D day counter1) no time delay of 30 minute compared to ordinary widgets.
2) using the 39 preset 39 can enter dates conveniently to the 100 day increments.
3) emotional expressions using various emoticons.
4) convenient input through the reuse of existing data.
5) freely selectable notification time.
6) convenient sharing features.
Memo widget1) various widget size.
2) changeable widget size.
3) various background and text option settings.
- Installation of the widget.
1) on the home screen click menu add widgets d day counter.
2) set title date text color background color and other settings.
3) using the preview make sure that you create the design you want.
4) touch the apply button will appear on your home screen.
- Use of existing data.
1) open the list by pressing the calendar or widget list button.
2) calendar list is the phone 39 s calendar data.
3) widget list that was used in the existing widget.
4) when you touch the list of import item and will automatically be applied to the edit screen.
- Use the given date.
1) shows automatically calculated date list based on 39 pick date 39 2) d day button shows each 100 days list that include specific date.
3) days button shows each 100 days list that exclude specific date.
- Use of emoticons.
1) in the upper right hand corner of the widget to display emoticons.
2) 20 types of emoticons with five colors.
- Notification.
1) you can set an alarm that is displayed in the notification bar in the specified time of d day or d - 2) this feature is not supported on the free version.
- Share.
1) using 39 share 39 can share by applications like 39 email sms 39 etc.
2) share the title and date of d day.
Download Android 2.3+ D-day counter & memo widget.apk | 4MB

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