Crystal wallpaper (free) for Android

crystal wallpaper (free)crystal wallpaper (free)crystal wallpaper (free)crystal wallpaper (free)
Crystal wallpaper (free) app for android description: Live wallpaper featuring glittery crystal!
You can tilt and move with the tip of your finger.
Let 39 s decorate your smartphone screen with lovely glittery crystal!
Custom options are: +number of crystal can be chosen from 1 to 50.
+Crystal can be chosen from 8 colors (19 colors for full version).
+Crystal can be moved by tilting the screen.
+To reduce power consumption please turn off the accelerometer configuration.
(Crystal will move with the tip of your finger)+sparkling effect on the touched area.
+Background image can be chosen from 9 patterns (13 patterns for full version).
Crystal colors+clear blue pink green purple red yellow colver green(round shaped crystal only for free version.
And also new kind will increase by tweet on twitter!
) Background patterns+black blue pink mermaid pink marine flower print red flower print pink christmas 1 christmas 2 the following additional options are for full version.
4 types of additional background pattern.
+Green purple rose violet allows you to set the background image of your choice.
+How to set: - choose an image from gallery etc.
- Choose crystal wallpaper from share menu.
- After the setup screen shows up choose on for use shared image to complete.
7 colors for heart typed crystals are added.
+Clear blue pink green purple red yellow 4 colors of crystals which do not come out unless tweet on free verson.
How to set the live wallpaper: - press the menu hard key button at the home display.
- Select wallpaper at the menu.
- Select live wallpapers on popup menu.
- Select crystal wallpaper(free) from the list.
- Tap the set wallpaper button at the display.
Download Android 2.3.3+ Crystal wallpaper (free).apk | 4MB

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